Golf Terrace Heights

Golf Terrace Edina Neighborhood Map

The Golf Terrace Heights neighborhood is located in the Northeast quadrant of the city of Edina.  It is bounded on the North by 50th Street, on the East by Wooddale Avenue, on the South by 58th Street and Southview Lane, and on the West by Hwy. 100.  The Golf Terrace neighborhood is home to many civic centers: City Hall, a relocated Grange Hall and Old Cahill School run by the Edina Historical Society, The Edina Country Club, Harvey Lake and a residential area as well.  The Edina Country Club was originally Thorpe Country Club at its birth in 1923.  (Thorpe Brothers Realty was the developer of the now historic Country Club neighborhood just North of Golf Terrace and the actual Country Club.) The housing stock in this neighborhood just South of the Edina Country Club consists of homes built primarily in the late 1930’s through the 1960’s.


Golf Terrace Heights Real Estate Statistics

Using Infosparks (a powerful MLS data statistics program) we can get a better feel for where we’ve been and were we’re going in the Golf Terrace Heights Edina real estate market.   If you’re looking for more insight into the Edina real estate market as a whole, visit our Edina Real Estate Page.

How much are Golf Terrace Heights homes selling for?  The graphs below shows the last three years of median sales prices and number of homes sold  (median means 1/2 of the homes sold less and 1/2 sold for more…the middle).  The totals are a one year calculation from this year to last year.  If you’d a FREE market analysis for your Golf Terrace Heights home give us call (or fill out this CMA – comparative market analysis questionnaire) today.

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FREE Market Analysis

Wondering how your Golf Terrace Heights home stacks up to what’s being sold in the neighborhood? Give us call (or fill out this CMA – comparative market analysis questionnaire) today.  We’ll take your details into account, analyze comparable sales, then crunch the numbers and let you know what we think.  Contact us today!