PRICING – Your Listing Sweet Spot

Once we have an idea of your home’s Market Value, we need to determine your List Price.  There is a range of prices near market value that are neither much too low nor much too high.  The best strategy will depend on your ultimate goal when selling your home, and understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy.




List Price



Much too Low

  • none
  • “you’re giving your home away”

market value

  • a lot of buyer interest
  • good number of showings
  • expect a good offer
  • may receive multiple offers
  • may even get over market value
  • no room to negotiate offer price
  • no room for price reduction
  • may not find a buyer immediately
  • may need to reject offers

market value

  • expect showings
  • expect an offer
  • room to negotiate offer price
  • room to make a price reduction
  • need to show home more often
  • longer days on market
  • may need price adjustment
  • offer probably not at full list price
  • may not even get market value ( if home is on the market too long and needs too many price adjustments)

Much too High

  • room to make a price reduction
  • room to negotiate offer price
  • practically no chance of offer
  • will sit on market for a long time
  • buyers won’t think you’re serious about selling
  • long market time makes buyers think something is wrong with home itself
  • a lot of carrying costs (taxes, insurance, utilities) for a home that isn’t selling

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