CMA – Comparative Market Analysis

Wondering how your home stacks up to what’s sold in the neighborhood?  We’ll help you determine your home’s Market Value (the price we expect it to sell for), by doing a CMA – Comparative Market Analysis.  By examining public records and MLS (Multiple Listing Service) sales data, we will compile a list of homes that are similar to your own.  This will give us with the price range that we expect your home should sell within, your home’s Market Value.

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CMA Step #1: Public Records

We begin by reviewing public records and automated valuations.  Although these numbers may not always be accurate, they do provide us with a starting point, and help us to begin understand today’s buyer’s point of view.




CMA Step #2:  Wide Search

Next, using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we do a wide search of homes selling in your area.  These home do NOT necessarily indicate market value, rather they give us an overview of what is going on in your real estate market.




CMA Step #3: Narrowing Search.  Comparables

Using the wide search above, we next begin narrowing the results to homes that are most comparable to your own.  These comparables should be similar in style, size and features to your own home, especially in terms of number of bedrooms, baths and garage stalls.  These homes give us an idea of what your competition looks like, and what buyers are willing to pay for homes similar to them.


PRICING: Your Listing Sweet Spot

Once we have an idea of your home’s Market Value, we need to determine your List Price.  There is a range of prices near market value that are neither much too low nor much too high. The best strategy will depend on your ultimate goal when selling your home, and understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy [read more]