Interlachen Park


The Interlachen Park Neighborhood is located in the Northwest quadrant of the city of Edina, MN.  It is bounded on the North by (roughly) Spruce Road, on the East by the homes on Merrilane, on the South by Interlachen Boulevard, and on the West by Blake Road.  Interlachen Park is home to the Interlachen Golf Course/Interlachen Country Club, which was formally open for its first round of golf  in the summer of 1911. One of its defining features at the time was its proximity to the streetcar line that connected the city of Minneapolis with the suburb of Edina.  The natural features of the neighborhood made it an ideal spot to design a golf course, with its rolling hills, wooded stands and Mirror Lake. This upscale neighborhood hosts a diverse housing stock with respect to age of construction, and has only 208 parcels of residential property that surround Interlachen Park itself.


Interlachen Park Real Estate Statistics

Using Infosparks (a powerful MLS data statistics program) we can get a better feel for where we’ve been and were we’re going in the Interlachen Park Edina real estate market.   If you’re looking for more details visit our Edina Real Estate Page and get more insight into the Edina real estate market as a whole.

How much are Interlachen Park homes selling for?  The graph below shows the last three years of median sales prices.  (median means 1/2 of the homes sold less and 1/2 sold for more…the middle).  If you’d a FREE market analysis for your Interlachen Park home give us call (or fill out this CMA – comparative market analysis questionnaire) today.

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FREE Market Analysis

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